Fixing Windows Can’t Communicate With the Device or Resource

fixing guide for internet connection error windows cannot communicate with resource DNS server

In most cases, the error Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource is related to your internet connection. In simple words, this means that your PC is unable to communicate with the DNS server on your network. Now there could be many reasons behind this error like unconfigured DNS settings, firewall security issues, or … Read more

Best Budget Dedicated Streaming PC in 2023 (Custom & Prebuilt Options)

guide to dedicated streaming pc

If you have just started streaming on the internet, then you’ll need dedicated streaming that can easily handle multiple tasks at a single time. Streaming has totally changed, and now you’ll need a reliable PC with decent hardware to get along with it. Especially, if you are playing games and streaming them at the same … Read more

5 Best Desktop Computers for Animation Students [2023]

If you are an animation student, then you’ll have to look for a computer that can crush any 3D animation workload that you’ll throw on it. Now you can pick between a prebuilt or custom-built animation PC. When it comes to 3D animation, your processor or CPU plays a vital role in handling different tasks. … Read more

Is Gaming Laptop Good for Animation?

is it possible to do animation on a gaming laptop? Answer

We know that a true gaming laptop packs some serious power inside to crush any complex graphical workload. But can you use a gaming laptop to deal with animation workloads? Here’s the answer to this question. Yes, the hardware aspects of a gaming laptop make it the right fit for handling 2D or 3D animation … Read more

How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming in 2023?

guide to how much SSD space is needed for gaming

Gone are the days when an 80GB storage drive was enough for installing a lot of games. With games becoming rich in details and graphics, you now need a lot of storage space to install them. But how much SSD storage do you really need if you are an entry-level or hardcore gamer? Well, I’ve … Read more

How to Fix Event ID Application 1000 Error on Windows 7/8/10

troubleshooting event 1000 error log

A frequent error that can be seen in the Windows Event Viewer is known as Event ID 1000. This error typically indicates a system or application crash, but it can also be brought on by a variety of issues. This error can be hard to fix, but with a little troubleshooting and a basic understanding … Read more

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel [2023]

best mice for carpal tunnel

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel, then you should choose a specially designed mouse that puts less pressure on your hand while you hold it. These ergonomic mice are designed such that they provide a natural position for the hand and wrist. In addition, these are vertically designed mice that come with added support … Read more

Best Tools to Stress Test Graphics Cards [2023]

stress testing tools for GPU

GPU stress testing is the only way to find out how much performance juice your graphics cards packs inside. A reliable GPU stress test tool helps in pushing a graphics card to its limit, this helps in yielding deep insights about any performance or stability issues. In simple words, these stress test tools tax your … Read more

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards: Which One to Choose

membrane vs mechanical keyboard guide comparison

Keyboards are not the same as they were in the past. I remember the time when typing on a keyboard was audible down the street. Technology has evolved and things have changed with the arrival of high-end mechanical and membrane keyboards. But there’s still confusion among the users when it comes to picking between a … Read more