What Are Mechanical Keyboard O-Rings & Why You Need Them?


If you have ever typed on a mechanical keyboard and I bet you did, then you’ll know why everyone loves going for them. It’s much easier to type on a mechanical keyboard when you get that strong tactile feedback from it. But there’s one more thing that comes along with them, and that’s the “Noise”. … Read more

Are All-In-One Computers Good for Gaming?

is gaming possible on AIO comptuer? answer

You can only play less-intensive games on an all-in-one computer. An AIO PC comes with an integrated graphics card (Nvidia, AMD, or Intel) that allows you to play most games at 720p (low resolution). However, there’s no way you can play demanding AAA games on an AIO computer. Moreover, the type of games that you … Read more

Should I Wear Gloves While Gaming? It Depends!

should you wear gloves while gaming

If you play competitive sports like eSports or are a member of a team like Immortals, you need a gaming glove that can keep your hands warm and ensure that your dexterity is agile for speed. They are mostly thin and fingerless. With the popularity of the gaming industry, it is also a new trend. … Read more

8GB vs 12GB RAM: Which One to Go With?

8gb vs 12gb informational guide

Having a specific amount of RAM in your computer decides what type of applications you can run on it. There’s a slight confusion among users to go with 8GB vs 12GB RAM when building a computer. Well, the amount of RAM you need entirely depends upon the type of workload you’ll throw on your computer. … Read more

Are CyberPower PCs Good to Buy? Think Again

here's what we think about CyberPowerPC

CyberPower is one of the most popular prebuilt PC brands on the market. CyberPowerPC was founded in California back in 1998. The brand offers prebuilt gaming computers for every budget range. It also allows you to choose your favourite hardware before ordering your PC. So, either you can order your customized gaming PC from CyberPower … Read more

Is Alienware Worth It? A Detailed Review

discussing alienware

Alienware is one of the most popular brands when it comes to gaming desktops or laptops. Apart from its popularity in the gaming community, the hardware from Alienware is the most expensive to have on your gaming desk. So are Alienware desktops or laptops worth buying? Is it wise to put a hole in your … Read more

Is It Better to Get a Prebuilt Gaming PC in 2023? Here’s the Answer

are prebuilt gaming pcs worth it

Whether you should build a gaming PC from scratch or you should buy yourself a prebuilt gaming PC? Well, everything depends upon your personal preference at this point. Assembling your own PC by picking your favourite parts saves you a lot of cash. But you spend a lot of time researching the most compatible hardware … Read more

What Minimum Specs Do You Need in a 3D Animation Computer?

what are minimum specs for animation

3D animation is a complex process that demands more power from your hardware. So, you should know the minimum specs to pack inside your computer before installing 3D animation creation programs. Animation design involves dealing with 2D and 3D imagery, which tests your hardware’s limits. In this guide, we’ll be talking about the minimum PC … Read more

Can You Install a Micro-ATX Motherboard in an ATX Case?

can you install micro atx mobo in mid-tower or standard atx PC Chassis

Motherboards come in different sizes, and due to their different dimensions, they only fit in certain types of PC cases. However, many smaller-sized motherboards can easily fit in bigger size PC cases without any issue. Most people nowadays prefer a micro-ATX motherboard for building their workstation or gaming PC. And this may lead to the … Read more