About us

Welcome to The PC Wire, a digital platform where you’ll learn a lot about computer hardware. We are honoured to give the right piece of advice when it comes to picking the right hardware for your build. Our love for building computers is as old as Pentium 1. The time when Microsoft DOS was the main operating system and Windows 95 was just around the corner.

We are a team of PC enthusiasts from Italy working on the same mission, and that is to help people with every bit of information that they need about computers and related hardware.

Our Team

Here’s a short introduction to people working on this blog:

Masab – Founder of The PC Wire

founder of this blog

Hi Everyone, It’s me Masab, the founder and writer of The PC Wire. You might have seen me on some other PC-related blogs on the internet. Well, those are our sister blogs that show our passion and love for computers.

I started building my first PC when I was in school. I remember having a Pentium 1 computer with missing audio drivers ;). I tried a lot to find drivers for that old mate, and that struggle made me learn a lot about how different computer parts and software.

Troubleshooting PC issues was my area of interest at the time. Besides that, I loved playing games on the computer. And this helped me a lot to learn about different computer parts. Testing graphics cards, CPUs, and other peripherals is something I like the most.

Over time, I’ve gained a lot of experience in building, testing, and troubleshooting PCs.

Here’s my Linkedin Profile!

CO-Founder – Malik Adnan

Malik Adnan is the Co-Founder of The PC Wire. He takes part in the content writing, research, and SEO part of the blog. Taking care of the content writers also falls under his responsibilities.

He’s been a PC enthusiast for his entire life, the time when Yahoo and other messengers were booming the internet. He’s been building and troubleshooting computers for the past 12 years now.

Apart from cranking and unboxing PC hardware, he loves to explore and travel the world.