Is It Better to Get a Prebuilt Gaming PC in 2024? Here’s the Answer

are prebuilt gaming pcs worth it

Whether you should build a gaming PC from scratch or you should buy yourself a prebuilt gaming PC? Well, everything depends upon your personal preference at this point. Assembling your own PC by picking your favourite parts saves you a lot of cash. But you spend a lot of time researching the most compatible hardware … Read more

Best Tools to Stress Test Graphics Cards

stress testing tools for GPU

Best Tools to Stress Test Graphics Cards GPU stress testing is the only way to find out how much performance juice your graphics cards packs inside. A reliable GPU stress test tool helps in pushing a graphics card to its limit, this helps in yielding deep insights about any performance or stability issues. In simple … Read more

How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming in 2024?

guide to how much SSD space is needed for gaming

Gone are the days when an 80GB storage drive was enough for installing a lot of games. With games becoming rich in details and graphics, you now need a lot of storage space to install them. But how much SSD storage do you really need if you are an entry-level or hardcore gamer? Well, I’ve … Read more

Why is tiktok not letting me follow?

Why is tiktok not letting me follow?

Have you ever found yourself furiously tapping the follow button on TikTok, only to be met with the cold shoulder? Yeah, me too. It’s like TikTok is playing hard to get, but why? **Let’s get down to brass tacks** and uncover the mystery behind why TikTok sometimes acts like an elusive crush. What is TikTok? … Read more

Input devices: what three parts of a computer can accept input?

What Three Parts Of A Computer Can Accept Input: Best Top Guide

What three parts of a computer can accept input? Within the realm of computing, three primary components serve as pivotal gateways for accepting input and fostering interaction between users and machines. 3 essential input device components So, what 3 parts of the computer receive input? Three common input devices include a keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen. … Read more

Where are HP laptops made? 4 Key Locations

Where Are Hp Laptops Made: Top Guide & Best Helpful Review

Where are HP laptops made? HP, a prominent manufacturer among laptop brands founded by Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett and initially named Hewlett Packard, operates different locations for manufacturing crucial to understanding the production of their devices. Where are HP laptops made: global manufacturing presence HP company, founded by Dave Packard in 1939 (initially named … Read more

Fixing Windows Can’t Communicate With the Device or Resource

fixing guide for internet connection error windows cannot communicate with resource DNS server

In most cases, the error Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource is related to your internet connection. In simple words, this means that your PC is unable to communicate with the DNS server on your network. Now there could be many reasons behind this error like unconfigured DNS settings, firewall security issues, or … Read more

Is Gaming Laptop Good for Animation?

is it possible to do animation on a gaming laptop? Answer

We know that a true gaming laptop packs some serious power inside to crush any complex graphical workload. But can you use a gaming laptop to deal with animation workloads? Here’s the answer to this question. Yes, the hardware aspects of a gaming laptop make it the right fit for handling 2D or 3D animation … Read more

How to Fix Event ID Application 1000 Error on Windows 7/8/10

troubleshooting event 1000 error log

A frequent error that can be seen in the Windows Event Viewer is known as Event ID 1000. This error typically indicates a system or application crash, but it can also be brought on by a variety of issues. This error can be hard to fix, but with a little troubleshooting and a basic understanding … Read more