6 Best Quiet Keyboards for Typing

I remember the time I had a Microsoft keyboard that was clear enough to be heard by my neighbors while I was typing on it. But modern-day keyboards are more silent and have some sort of mechanism under the keys to dampen the tapping effect. Having a silent keyboard not only gives relief to your ears but also puts less stress on your fingers while you type on it.

First thing first, it’s hard to find a keyboard that’s 100% soundproof. You’ll hear some sort of sound while you tap on the keys. However, the intensity of the sound will depend upon the quality of the keys that the manufacturer has used in crafting that keyboard.

When it comes to the best typing experience, there’s no match to the mechanical keyboards. I personally use a mechanical keyboard to write every article on this blog. A mechanical keyboard with a wide layout gives you enough space to freely move your fingers across it.

So, mechanical keyboards are great for typing, but they also are noisier. Even if you buy the most expensive keyboard on the market, you’ll always get that clicky sound or tactile feedback from it.

Modern mechanical keyboards make use of special padding that prevents the keys from fully contacting the plastic base, making them less noisy. Also, there are DIY dampening rings also known as O-rings that you can place under the keys to make them silent.

Furthermore, keyboards with low-profile keys tend to be quiet as compared to high-profile keyboards. This is the reason why you see laptop keyboards be less noisy than regular desktop keyboards.

Distinguishing silent keyboards from regular ones isn’t a difficult task. All you need is to pay attention to the features that help make a keyboard quieter as you type on it.

Quick Shopping Tips

Here are the factors to look at when buying the quietest keyboard for typing:


Frankly speaking, if you are buying a keyboard for typing, then it’s better to go with a full-size keyboard. It’s very difficult to type on a compact keyboard if you are a fast typer. Personally, it’s difficult for me to type on a congested keyboard, so I’ll never recommend a compact keyboard to anyone who constantly types on a keyboard in their everyday routine.

explained keyboard sizes
Keyboard size comparison Source: Mediatechreviews

Yes, compact-size keyboards are good for you if you have smaller fingers or if you frequently travel around. But again, it will take you some time to adjust to the tighter key pattern of that keyboard to comfortably type on it.

Key Profile

This is the feature that decided how much quieter or noisier your keyboard will be when typing on it. Generally, a keyboard with high-profile keys needs you to exert much force on it, which results in more noise.

So, if you need a quiet typing experience, then it’s better to look for low-profile keys. Normally, the latest keyboards on the market come with a mid-height profile design, which makes them less noisy than standard height profile keyboards.

explaining the profile design of a keyboard
A mid-height profile design keyboard

Therefore, the profile design that you choose will decide whether you’ll have a tapping noise or a clicking noise.

You can also prefer looking for keyboards with scissor switches that are specifically designed for shorter travel times and quieter operations.

Dampening Mechanism

If all you need is a quiet typing experience, then look for the mechanism used by the keyboard manufacturer to dampen the sound effect of the keys. In modern low-profile keyboards, there’s rubber padding on the stem of each key for reducing noise.

The 6 Best Quiet Keyboards for Noiseless Typing & Gaming

So, you now know what features to look for when shopping for a silent keyboard. If you still have confusion in mind, then here’s our complete list of keyboards to consider:

Logitech MX Keys – Overall Best Pick

Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Key Switches: Scissor

Reasons to Buy:

  • Wide keys layout for a faster typing experience
  • Premium-build quality
  • Tactile feedback
  • Scissor switches for low-force input and silent operation
  • Can be paired with multiple devices at a single time
logitech keyboard for silent typing

The Logitech MX Keys is one of the most comfortable wireless keyboards you can have for production workloads. It’s a full-size keyboard with scissor-switch keys that offer shorter travel time and less force for typing.

The use of scissor switches makes this keyboard super silent even if you type fast on it. The Logitech MX Keys has a low-profile design, which means you’ll have less strain on your wrist even if you don’t use a wrist pad along with it.

I remember having a Logitech K780 which was also a wireless keyboard like this one. However, the Logitech MX Keys take you one step ahead of the K780 in wireless connectivity. You can now recharge it using the USB port, so goodbye to the batteries era here.

All in all, I liked the overall build quality of this keyboard. It’s made of high-quality plastic, although it doesn’t look like plastic at all. Although it’s a full-size keyboard, Logitech has trimmed the extra bezels to make it look like a compact keyboard I might say.

The keys on Logitech MX are made up of denser material and they make a soft clicky sound as you tap on them even with full force. Moreover, the keys are well-apart and there’s no chance of hitting the partner keys as you type faster.

Overall, the Logitech MX Keys is the most quiet keyboard for typing geeks. It’s made up of high-quality material and has scissor switches for a silent typing experience.

Unfortunately, it lacks a wrist pad and incline settings option. I personally didn’t felt having either of these options with this keyboard. However, if you get fatigued without a keyboard wrist pad, then you’ll have to buy it separately for this keyboard.

Logitech K780 – Best Value Whisper-Quiet Keyboard for Productivity

Size: Full (96%) | Connectivity: Wireless | Key Switches: Scissor

Reason to Buy:

  • Innovative design
  • Soundless typing experience
  • Longer battery life
  • Cradle for holding a tablet or smartphone
good keyboard for quiet typing experience from Logitech 780

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Logitech K780 is natively made for typing with a smartphone or a tablet. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use this with a PC or Mac, yes you can, it’s definitely worth it.

Although it’s a full-size keyboard, it’s trimmed down to 96% as compared to a regular-size keyboard. But still, it’s still big enough to put inside your bag and carry anywhere you want.

The Logitech K780 uses scissor switches like the Logitech MX Keys keyboard to offer you a shorter-travel distance and a noise-free typing experience. Moreover, you can connect this keyboard to three devices at the same time and switch between them seamlessly.

It’s a wireless keyboard that delivers a decent price-to-performance ratio as compared to its previous family members, the K350 and K650. But in a side-by-side comparison, it’s far behind the famous Logitech MX keys keyboards.

This is one of the best-looking wireless keyboards that I’ve come across so far. This matte-black keyboard sits at the top of a white plastic tray that provides a cradle for holding your smartphone or tablet. Any regular-size tablet or smartphone can easily fit in that tray without any further adjustments.

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The keycaps on this keyboard are similar to what I found on the Logitech MX Keys. All the keys are circular-oval in shape and use a scissor switch for silent operation. As far as the typing experience is concerned, you’ll love typing on this keyboard.

However, none of the keys is backlit and this could be a concern for users who often type in darker conditions. But if you are a content writer like me who doesn’t look at the keys while typing, the backlit features won’t keep you away from buying this keyboard.

If you work with multiple machines at a single time and need a keyboard that can connect to all of them, then K780 is a great option to go with.

Or if you are working in an environment where you don’t want to disturb anyone with the clicking or tapping noise of the keyboard, the K780 is the one you should go with. It has a longer battery life, which according to Logitech can last for two years. But if you frequently type like me, always keep spare AAA batteries with you in case you need them.

Logitech Signature K650 – Low-Budget Silent Keyboard for Typing

Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Key Switches: Rubber Dome

Reasons to Buy:

  • Low-profile
  • Built-in wrist rest
  • Super quiet to operate
  • Affordable
quiet keyboard for the money

The Logitech Signature K650 hides the flaws that we encounter in the Logitech MX Keys. This one has a built-in rest pad and incline settings to put less stress on your hands while you type on it.

It’s a classic-looking wireless keyboard with rubber dome switches showing up as a great deal for office users or frequent content writers. The K650 is not much different from its siblings, the K800 and the K780.

It has a low-profile design and multiple incline adjustments that look more similar in operation to the Logitech K800, which is another low-budget wireless keyboard in its family.

If we talk about the typing experience on the Logitech K650, then it’s something that you can expect out of many low-budget wireless keyboards.

The rubber dome switches offer a quiet typing experience, but they are nothing better than the scissor switches I experienced on the Logitech MX Keys keyboards.

The K650 makes use of ABS keycaps that have a nice texture and deep stems, preventing any wobble. The edges of each keycap are rounded, thus providing better typing accuracy.

The reasons we’ve included the Logitech K650 on this list is because of its ergonomic design and affordable price. For a cheaper price tag, you get a keyboard that gives you a noise-less typing experience.

Last, but not least, the K650 is fully compatible with most versions of Windows and Mac. You can also use Logitech Options+ software for any customization work with the keys if you want. For office users, this is the best quiet keyboard to have right now.

Kensington Slim – Best Cheap Quiet Keyboard

Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Key Switches: Scissor

Reasons to Buy:

  • Ultra-slim profile design
  • Silent
  • Cheaper
the slim and quiet keyboard

If you are coming from those bulky and gigantic size keyboards, then you’ll find the Kensington Slim to be the most slick-looking keyboard on the market. It’s merely 0.75 inches in height if you rest the tilt stand attached to it.

The key layout on this keyboard makes me recall my Dell laptop which came with scissor switches that were merely out of the keyboard. One thing is for sure, these scissor switches will allow you to type comfortably without putting much effort.

This is the cheapest and quietest wireless keyboard for typing right now. The build quality on this keyboard is not too good, but it’s built to last for a few years until you need to throw it away.

It’s a full-size keyboard with four dedicated function keys at the top of the number pad. Out of these four keys, three are meant for volume control and the fourth one is for sleep mode. There’s also an LED indicator that lets you know about the connectivity and battery status.

The Kensington is not a mechanical keyboard, but it’s good enough to be used for daily typing workloads. The typing experience on this keyboard is similar to that of typing on a regular laptop keyboard but with less noise.

It has a battery range of up to 33 feet and needs two AAA batteries to power up. On light use, the battery life may last for two years. However, if you do a lot of typing work, then you’ll need to replace batteries every 10 months or so.

All in all, if you need a keyboard that is slim, quiet, and cheaper at the same time, then this one is for you. The scissor switches decrease the travel time, allowing you a smoother and sound-free typing experience.

Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard – A Silent Ergonomic Keyboard

Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Key Switches: Scissor

Reasons to Buy:

  • Easy to type
  • Clean design
  • Includes a mouse
  • Slim
quiet keyboard and mouse combo

The Arteck 2.4G is the doorway to the wireless keyboard community. It’s an entry-level keyboard with scissor switches and an ultra-slim design, making it a great deal for general office users. The good thing is, by spending just under $40, you get a silent keyboard and mouse in a single bundle.

The keyboard itself is made up of low-profile keys that offer a comfortable typing experience to office users. There’s less gap between the keys and the keyboard base, so you’ll experience low noise while typing on it.

On top of all, it’s a rechargeable wireless keyboard. You can charge it via a USB port on one side. Typically, at a single charge, it will last for six months.

Within the package, you’ll find an Arteck mouse which isn’t the most silent mouse we have come across. But the clicking sound on this mouse isn’t too high to disturb people nearby.

Overall, the Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard has a decent build quality to it despite being the cheapest on our list. With scissor switches, it gives you a calm typing experience for just under $40. Moreover, it’s rechargeable saving you a lot of money that you waste buying batteries.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT – Best Silent RGB Keyboard on Budget

Size: Full | Connectivity: Wired | Key Switches: Rubber Dome

Reasons to Buy:

  • Low latency
  • RGB backlit keys
  • Dedicated macro keys
  • Rubber dome switches to absorb noise
Corsair K55 Noiseless keyboard with RGB features

The Corsair K55 Pro XT is the most budget-friendly silent keyboard for office users and part-time gamers. It comes with rubber dome switches to absorb maximum noise even though the key-travel distance is higher as compared to other keyboards on our list.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT has a mediocre build quality and the keycaps are not too premium. Maybe, Corsair has put more focus on the RGB aesthetics of this keyboard than the keycap quality.

Moreover, there’s a little bit of wobbling in all the keys on this keyboard, which can result in finger slip as you type fast on it. Although the rubber pads at the bottom surface make it rest tightly to the surface, there are more chances of the keyboard sliding away if you extend its feet.

The Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT has acceptable ergonomics for the price tag it comes at. There’s one incline setting and it also has a detachable wrist pad made up of plastic.

The most eye-catching feature of this keyboard is the fully-customizable RGB keys. As compared to its non-XT version, the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT offers you to set the RGB lighting on each key individually. You can simply use Corsair’s iCUE software to set out your preferred RGB key layout.

All in all, when it comes to absorbing the typing noise, the rubber dome switches don’t let you down and absorb the keystroke noise to their full potential. However, due to the long travel distance between the keycaps and the membrane, you will need to press with a little more force on those keys.

The average noise levels recorded on this keyboard are around 50.1 dBA, which I believe won’t bother the person sitting right next to you.

On top of all, the keys on Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT have an exceptional level of low latency, which makes it a great deal for gamers as well. All in all, it’s a full-size keyboard with rich features like RGB lighting and dedicated macro keys to conquer the world with silence.

What Factors Impact the Noise Levels of A Keyboard?

Below are some of the factors that have more influence on the noise levels when typing on a keyboard:

Key Travel: The travel distance between the key and the membrane of your keyboard can affect the noise levels. The longer the distance, the higher would be the noise produced when the key hits the base of the keyboard.

Keycap Material: The materials used in manufacturing the keycap can influence the typing noise. Soft or thin keycaps may produce more noise upon impact with the base of your keyboard. ABS plastics keycaps tend to produce more noise as compared to other keycap materials.

Switch Type: The type of switch used in the keyboard is the most influential factor in determining the noise levels a keyboard would produce. The most common type of switches are the mechanical switches that are clicky, tactile, or liner switches.

Clicky switches have a clicking kind of sound to them whereas tactile switches offer feedback with no sound. Lastly, the linear switches have a smooth keystroke and produce no sound at all.

Lastly, the rubber dome switches found in membrane keyboards tend to be much quieter than mechanical switches.

Keyboard Layout: Having a full-size or low-profile keyboard also affects the noise levels as you type on the keyboard. Generally, low-profile or slim keyboards have less key travel distance, so they are quieter than full-size keyboards.


Loud keyboard clicks are disruptive especially if you are working in a library, office, or late at night at your home. Finally, these are the most silent keyboards that you can buy to keep noise levels to a minimum. We’ve researched and included products for users with a different budget range in mind.

Logitech keyboard sits at the top of our guide and going with any of that products would give you the most bang for your buck.

If you need pin-drop silence while typing, then there’s nothing better than the Logitech MX Keys Keyboard. It’s quiet, responsive, and has good tactile feedback as compared to other keyboards on our list.

These keyboards are natively built to reduce the keystroke noise whenever you type. This doesn’t mean that the keyboard that you are using right now cannot be turned into complete silence! Yes, you can turn it around.

Remember we talked about the O-rings at the start of this guide? Well, you can buy and install O-rings for silencing your keyboard.

All you need to do is take out the keycap and attach the O-rings to the stem. But it’s a time-consuming process, and if you want to save your time and effort, then head directly for the quietest keyboards on the list.

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