Is It Better to Get a Prebuilt Gaming PC in 2024? Here’s the Answer

Whether you should build a gaming PC from scratch or you should buy yourself a prebuilt gaming PC? Well, everything depends upon your personal preference at this point.

Assembling your own PC by picking your favourite parts saves you a lot of cash. But you spend a lot of time researching the most compatible hardware for your rig.

Getting a prebuilt PC saves you a lot of time without giving your much freedom to choose your preferred parts.

Recently, the price gap between DIY and prebuilt PC builds has become narrow. It’s because more and more prebuilt PC-selling brands are entering the market, thus lowering the price.

Popular brands like SkyTech, iBuyPower, CyberPower, HP, Alarco, etc are competing with one another to grab the crown.

Generally, prebuilt machines are ideal for novices or users who don’t want to dirty their hands in assembling parts. But PC-building brands have now targeted hardcore gamers and professional content creators as well.

During the pandemic, there was a huge shortage of silicon chips around the world. And it was quite hard for end-users to their hands on their favourite PC parts.

And the only way around this was to buy a prebuilt desktop that had everything from a powerful graphics card to a high-end CPU.

But the pandemic days are over and we now have a surplus supply of silicon chips in the market.

According to Digital Trends, this is the right time of the year to build your own gaming PC. However, at the same time, we are getting more affordable and reliable options when it comes to prebuilt gaming desktops.


Should You Buy a Prebuilt Gaming PC This Year?

Whenever you purchase a prebuilt machine, you are also paying for assembly, warranty, and technical support rather than just the PC parts.

So as a whole, you are spending roughly around 20% to 30% more cash to get a prebuilt gaming computer.

But there’s always peace of mind behind every prebuilt machine that you buy from reputed brands.

It’s because these desktops are built by experts using the most compatible hardware available in the market. So, you don’t have to worry about the overall performance of the PC.

As the market is still recovering from the GPU shortage, going with a prebuilt gaming desktop is the only way to get your hands on the most powerful graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD.

Although the prices of GPUs have seen a decline in the past few months, they are still far beyond the reach of many gamers.

So, the only way to square out the equation is to buy a prebuilt gaming PC with an Nvidia or AMD graphics card already installed in it.

Also, shopping for a prebuilt desktop would save you a lot of time that you may have ended up spending in the queue after ordering different hardware, especially the graphics card.

Yes, there’s still limited availability of stock when it comes to certain graphics cards like RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 that can play games at 4K settings.

So if you go with a prebuilt gaming machine that has one of these cards already installed in it, then this would save plenty of time.

Moreover, trusted prebuilt PC building brands offer you services that are hardly found in your local stores.

When it comes to gaming PCs, many brands will offer you warranty-safe overclocking, your favourite pre-installed software, and exclusive parts.

Another reason that it’s worth considering a prebuilt gaming PC is the design.

Unless you have spent years building a PC on your own, you’ll always find it difficult to pick the right design or “PC case” for your rig.

But prebuilt machines come with some of the most eye-catching aesthetics we’ve ever seen in the industry.

And it’s the design that contributes towards the aggressive selling of prebuilt gaming PC all over the glove.

example of amazing aesthetics of a prebuilt gaming pc
Thermaltake Shadow 360i Prebuilt Gaming PC

The Thermaltake Shadow 360i is one of the most eye-catching prebuilt gaming PC we’ve found at the moment. With transparent glass all over the case, you can look at the hardware in its full glory.

Also, some other brands like Alienware and Corsair One use unique chassis that are harder to find when you are building a PC on your own.

Finally, you’ll find better cable management in prebuilt gaming PCs.

As we know that cable management plays a huge role in improving the airflow inside your chassis, going with a prebuilt machine would take all of these worries out of your mind.

If you are too confused to build your own gaming PC, then the warranty and technical support that comes with a prebuilt machine would give you peace of mind.

Is It Better to Buy a Prebuilt Gaming PC?

Building your own PC from scratch is fun, and we have always advised others to do so. Not it saves you a lot of money, but it also helps you to learn more about how your PC works.

But if your intentions are to buy a gaming PC without spending too much time searching and assembling the parts, then prebuilt gaming PCs are a great deal to go with.

Prebuilt machines would save you a lot of money that you may end up spending on just a single graphics card.

In addition, you’ll also get a warranty and technical support for a year or two. If you really don’t care about spending extra 20 to 30% cash, then a prebuilt gaming desktop is your only bet to go with.

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