Should I Wear Gloves While Gaming? It Depends!

If you play competitive sports like eSports or are a member of a team like Immortals, you need a gaming glove that can keep your hands warm and ensure that your dexterity is agile for speed. They are mostly thin and fingerless. With the popularity of the gaming industry, it is also a new trend. I have low blood flow through my fingers, so when my hands are cold and stiff, I find it difficult to play.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions, and YES! I have used the popcorn machine warm-up and Mc’s hand warm-up; (I’m not joking).

If those are not warm enough, look for a thin pair of winter gloves made for using a phone. They will be warm, but they should have a hold so your phone doesn’t flit out of your grasp.

Even if it’s a slight improvement, I use padded gloves in Smash Bros to speed up inputs. In a competitive field, having better equipment will give you an advantage in games that rely more on reflexes.

Types of Gaming Gloves

When it comes to avoiding injuries and ensuring a better gaming experience in the context of eSports, proper gaming gloves can make a significant difference.

In the market, there are different options in terms of quality and price. It is very important that the design of a gaming glove prevents both blisters and excess sweat, this will guarantee a better grip and improve blood circulation in our extremities. 

Another of the virtues that we must look for is that the gloves for gamers chosen provide the greatest possible comfort.

The gloves developed for gamers have a very similar appearance to the gloves used by cyclists, some can even be used for the practice of both. 

Compression gloves

Made with soft and breathable materials such as spandex and nylon that give the product perfect elasticity, and provide convenience and comfort when wearing them. Compression gloves are high in demand when it comes to looking for gaming gloves.

Compression gloves

They exert gentle compression on the hands to reduce pressure on them, improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and reducing pain and inflammation.

To achieve better results, it is recommended to use gloves for arthritis during the day and night, thanks to the quality of their materials, daily use is guaranteed, without deformations.

Available in three sizes S-M and L so that you can choose the one that fits your anatomy and you feel comfortable and safe at all times. Includes 2 Gloves.     

Its open fingertip design allows freedom of touch, sensation, and grip, without interfering with any activity of Daily Life. 

Velcro Closure Gloves

Velcro are quick and simple to put on and tighten.

Velcro strap gloves

You can achieve comfort and secure fit with Velcro gloves, giving the impression that they were made specifically for your hands.

Half-Finger/Fingerless Gloves

These types of gloves provide coverage for the hand but allow for finger dexterity. These are also made in all different ways. Some have holes for the knuckles, some have a padded palm, and some are made out of leather, while others are made with synthetic materials.

Fingerless gloves

Hook Style Gloves

Hook-style gloves allow for adjustable wrist sizing, accommodating a variety of different hand and wrist shapes. Additionally, it fits nicely and securely and is simple to put on and take off.

Advantages of Gaming Gloves

Better Grip

Even if it’s not cold outside, it might be difficult for you to comfortably hold the controller. Some gaming controllers have smooth exteriors and sleek designs that might make them difficult to hold. Your hands sweating makes this worse.

With a gaming glove, however, you can control the controller more comfortably without having to worry about it slipping out of your hands. To keep controllers in place, some gloves even have grip lines with sticky nodes.

Avoid discomfort: 

When we start to play and we still do not have hardness in our hands, blisters and scratches appear very frequently, which can force us to stop for several days. 

Playing video games with gloves can save us from such an episode or, even if we have blisters, it can help us significantly reduce the discomfort of friction with the grip.

Greater comfort: 

Playing games in too-cold or too-hot climates can be much more comfortable with gloves. Its use is a good option to isolate our hands. They help stop over-sweating in extremely humid environments.

Wrist Support

You should find protecting your wrists in addition to your hands. When using gaming controllers, gloves keep the hands elevated.

This avoids carpal tunnel strain and wrist aches. The best gloves for achieving the best elevation are those with Velcro support. They position that wrist about the hands for more effective, quick, and better movement.

Disadvantages of Gaming Gloves

Worse grip: 

If you are used to changing grips frequently to execute a wide variety of shots, you will find that the gloves are very uncomfortable. You are going to need several games to adapt to them.

Sweatier hands: 

Although we said before that in very hot and humid climates they can help us keep our hands dry, some gloves do not allow good perspiration, and the effect is even worse. 

For this reason, many players wear wrist guards to prevent sweat from running down their arms into the palms of their hands and making them more slippery.

Less touch: 

The way the racket feels when wearing gloves is very different. The fact that there is something else between your hands and the grip can cause added difficulty in holding it correctly while playing. 

For this reason, if you want to play with gloves, look for ones that are light and thin, but that provides you with the right grip, to minimize the loss of sensation.

Who Should Use Gaming Gloves

Who Has Sweaty Hands

Gaming gloves are widely used by gamers who have sweaty palms. Moisture-wicking fabric is used to make gaming gloves, which prevents your palms from sweating.

Additionally, the fabric’s surface has tiny raised dots that enhance grip. The majority of these gloves also have an anti-slip layer on the fingertips, allowing you to play on multiple platforms.

  • You can also wear anti-slip gaming gloves made for holding the steering wheel, game controller, or mouse.

Someone who needs protection from harsh weather

This protection may be needed if hands are exposed to a cold environment over an extended period, or when handling any gaming device.

  • You need a gaming glove that can keep your hands warm and ensure that your dexterity is agile for speed.
  • If those are not warm enough, look for a thick pair of winter gloves made for using a phone

Who Has Any Medical Issue

Gloves for patients with medical issues such as sweaty hands or cold hands. They include a lining of soft silk material in the palm to help reduce the friction of the skin and keep your hand warm. The material is also shaped to fit your hand and helps keep the gloves from slipping.


Gaming gloves undoubtedly help players in enhancing their performance, particularly in FPS shooters. They prevent injuries by reducing friction and keeping your hands warm in cold weather. With gaming gloves, hand cramps are also avoided.

Your performance is minimal in any way thanks to the sturdy material’s constant protection of your hands. When buying gaming gloves, keep in mind styles made with Velcro or spandex fabrics.

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